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About Us


Our aim, in teaching, is to pass over the enjoyment we have gained from dance, in a relaxed and positive environment. This attitude encourages creativity and style.


It is essential, in all walks of life, to feel physically confident. 

Physical confidence is gained through activities which encourage co-ordination and rhythm. It allows a person to walk with poise which gives a positive first impression.


We follow the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance, an internationally renowned organisation specialising in the teaching of ballet. The syllabus has been designed to teach all aspects of ballet in a gradual, enjoyable way, sympathetic to the physical development of the child. Ballet is a very demanding art requiring enormous muscular strength and control; each step is introduced, gradually, at an appropriate time in the child's training to ensure no physical strain or damage.

There are three aspects to the Royal Academy of Dance ballet training programme; pure ballet, free movement and character. The ballet teaches the steps and disciplines which form the backbone of classical ballet, the free movement encourages the artistry and dynamics necessary in all aspects of dance and the character encourages strong rhythm whilst giving insight into the ballet heritage; many of  the famous three act ballets e.g. Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Coppelia, have one act dedicated to national dances from other countries.




Although the very word strikes fear into many of us, the examination system has become a very positive experience for children, with warm and friendly examiners. Examinations are an essential training tool, allowing the child to feel a sense of achievement and recognition of their hard work. Each examination allows the child to step up to the next level feeling accomplished and confident.


Dance is a performing art and we feel it is essential, for a full and rounded training, for children to experience every aspect. Every year the children enjoy the thrill of being on stage, with the lights and costumes, and get the opportunity to perform. Each year the theme is different and the children experience the whole process from choreography to performance. It also gives everyone the opportunity to see the progress from all the other classes.


Adult ballet is a wonderful way to keep fit, strengthen the body, improve balance and flexibility. Many have enjoyed ballet through their lives and find this the most rewarding way to maintain their connection to the art. Others have always admired ballet and wish to enjoy new experiences. There is a class available for all levels and there are adaptations available for all physical abilities. The pleasure of moving to music with grace and elegance is second to none.

Children's ballet class
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